ADHD & Autism

ASD Friendly

ASD Friendly is a close-knit community of parents and carers of people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.


Child Autism UK

Child Autism UK provide services to enable children to overcome difficulties with communication, learning and life skills and give families the techniques and strategies to cope with autism through the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Telephone: 01344 882 248



How to Calm a Child with Autism

It’s not always easy to calm a child with autism, but there are techniques that can often be successful.


Autism West Midlands

They offer a range of support services to families and carers of autistic children including an information helpline, family outreach workers and support groups.


Dudley Autism Partnership

The aim of the Dudley Autism Partnership is to raise the profile of adults with autism and Asperger syndrome and to ensure the delivery of better services to meet their needs.


National Autistic Society

They provide specialist help, information and care for children, adults and families across England. Their services include residential homes; local Centres providing dedicated support throughout the week; one-to-one support and support in further and higher education.